Trusted Backup and Disaster Recovery for Professional Services Firms

It’s not a question of if, but when, you’ll need backup and disaster recovery. Yet surprisingly few professional services firms know if their backups are running, if they can recover data from their backups, how long it would take to recover data, or what procedures to follow to get their business back up and running if disaster strikes.


STS backup and disaster recovery clients know their information is safe and fully recoverable at any time.
Services include:

Planning: We provide a sound backup and recovery plan that answers questions like:

• What’s your RPO (recovery point objective) — the maximum amount of time data can be lost due to a major incident?

• What’s your RTO (recovery time objective) — the maximum amount of time your systems can be down?

• How will systems be brought back online when an incident occurs?

• How will backed up data be stored in a compliant manner?

Answering such questions helps us formulate your backup and recovery objectives.

Provisioning: We implement solutions that ensure all your data backup and recovery objectives are fully met. We specify, procure, and configure the required hardware and software; work with outside vendors (like Cloud storage providers); simulate various backup and recovery scenarios; and document all work to ensure you meet industry standards for compliance and best practices.

Recovery: We are there when you need us should the unexpected happen. You’ll have confidence knowing that there is a team of backup and recovery experts — already well versed in your firm’s IT infrastructure — ready to assist you with the issues that occur when a data or business recovery operation becomes necessary.

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