Cloud Services for Professional Services Firms

A cloud service can offer significant business benefits. In the cloud you can access your information and applications from anywhere. There’s less software and hardware to install, maintain, or update. And your IT infrastructure scales automatically with your business. Your cloud service just needs to be implemented and managed properly.


Working with some of the best and most reputable cloud service providers, STS offers complete cloud service implementation and management.

Services include:

Cloud Readiness Assessment: Some businesses and applications are a better fit for the cloud than others. Our cloud experts assess which parts of your business to migrate to the cloud and which ones to leave on-premise. We also educate you on the pros and cons of different cloud service solutions and address important considerations such as risk exposure and specific industry compliance and regulatory issues.

Cloud Implementation: Based on mutually understood criteria, we will evaluate various cloud packages from the industry’s top cloud service providers. We then developed and carry out a carefully choreographed migration plan, moving key functions and assets to the cloud to achieve both minimum business disruption and maximum long-term value.

Cloud Service Management: Your cloud service provider is not going to ensure your applications are providing the functionality you expect or are aligned with your business priorities and end-user requirements. But STS will. We speak both your language and the cloud service provider’s language, so we can translate your business requirements into high-value cloud services that best fit your business and your budget.

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