Need to Show the Tangible Value of Cybersecurity? Here’s How 

You cannot overstate the importance of cybersecurity. Especially in an era dominated by digital advancements. Businesses and organizations are increasingly reliant on technology to drive operations. This makes them more susceptible to cyber threats.   66% of ...
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How to Organize Your Cybersecurity Strategy into Left and Right of Boom 

In the pulsating digital landscape, every click and keystroke echoes through cyberspace. The battle for data security rages on. Businesses stand as both guardians and targets. Unseen adversaries covet their digital assets.    To navigate this treacherous ...
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STS Welcomes Back Ryan Whitworth to Drive Cutting-Edge Data Management Services for Legal Industry 

Los Angeles, CA, November 28, 2023: Strategic Technology Solutions (STS), a prominent player in the realm of cybersecurity and managed IT services specifically for the legal industry, is delighted to announce the return of Ryan Whitworth ...
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Watch Out for Ransomware Pretending to Be a Windows Update 

Imagine you’re working away on your PC and see a Windows update prompt. Instead of ignoring it, you take action. After all, you want to keep your device safe. But when you install what you think ...
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