Cloud Solutions

A Cloud Solution Designed with Law Firms in Mind

With over 20+ years in delivering legal-centric design and architectural expertise, we know how to help you harness the cloud to accelerate your firm’s workflow and goals. Most law firms need a robust cloud solution that will modernize their infrastructure, protect their data, and streamline their applications while keeping them in compliance.

Our cloud offerings combine the best of both private and public clouds into one time saving, secure, and top-performing solution for the legal industry.

With our cloud you’ll experience:

  • Predictable Costs
  • Scalability
  • Customizations for your law firm’s needs
  • Modernized and Secure Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive and Dedicated Support
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our cloud solution transforms your infrastructure by standardizing and optimizing your IT systems and workflows in the cloud.

Private + Public: Get the Best of Both Clouds

Our hybrid cloud solution combines the best of private and public clouds to meet the needs of today’s law firms. Here's why:

Private = Security + Control + Compliance

The private cloud offers top-tier security to protect your firm and your clients from cyber threats. This type of cloud environment gives you greater control over who is authorized to access your cloud including all the confidential data therein. This level of control reduces your overall cybersecurity risk and helps achieve legal industry regulatory compliance requirements.

In addition, our private cloud enables us to customize the cloud to meet your firm’s critical needs. You’ll gain more in customizations, integrations and control in areas not typically available in standard private cloud offerings. This level of access in your cloud environment gives you greater efficiency, productivity and predictability within your infrastructure.

Public = Versatility + Scalability

The public cloud provides effortless scalability with versatile pricing. This cloud type gives your law firm enterprise-grade infrastructure and expertise without the burden of managing it. Our preferred public cloud partners specialize in their vertical so they can provide a better user experience across all platforms. Combining the public cloud with STS’ private cloud creates a seamless cloud experience for your law firm. Everything you need will be at your fingertips in our cloud solution. One environment filled with technologies that act as a combined ecosystem of efficiency.

Is your current cloud solution supporting your business goals? Or are you searching for a built cloud solution that will power your firm’s success for many years to come?

Are you looking for more data to guide your cloud decisions? Get valuable insights with an IT Assessment.

“Our firm had decided to move offices and we were also facing aging infrastructure, so we engaged with STS to build a solution that met our needs. As we made our decision to move to the cloud, STS provided guidance around how to strategically architect a solution that was designed to meet our business goals. By integrating both a private and public cloud solution, we are now in a better position to allow our business to be more secure and available to our users. We have the utmost confidence that STS can solve any technical issues that may arise going forward.”

Charley Wu - IT Manager | SulmeyerKupetz

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