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We’re a team of legal technology experts that thrives on creative problem solving and client success.

“Working at STS has been a breath of fresh air! There's no lack of communication between departments, we really bridge the gaps here and everyone helps each other out. There's a healthy and supportive work culture that nurtures your passions and learning desires; and our team is so well-balanced and focused on cooperation that we are constantly on top of the workload. It's truly lovely to work with such a remarkable group of professionals."

- April

Our Core Values:

  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Passion & Fun

“Over the last few years, STS has enabled me to grow in my position and empowered me to utilize my experience to further develop my department in ways I could only dream of. My ideas are shaping STS every day, and not just thrown into a ‘suggestion box’ for later review like my previous employers. I love being a part of the STS team!

- Michael

Our Benefits:

We’re committed to creating the best working environment for our team members so they can live well both on and off the clock.

A Collaborative Team Environment
At STS, everyone matters. Teamwork is one of our core values because we know that most of the time, we do our best work together. That’s why we invest in making sure collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. As a member of our team, you’ll have multiple opportunities to collaborate and contribute in meaningful ways to our growth and that of our clients.

We care about your retirement years. That’s why we offer a 401K account into which you can easily make contributions via payroll deductions.

Health Insurance
Good health is the foundation of living well. That’s why we offer a quality healthcare plan with vision and dental that includes HMO, EPO, and PPO options. Our robust packages are competitive in both cost and coverage.

Wellness Program
We believe that the health and happiness of our team members is valuable for our shared business culture and growth. Again, our goal is to support you in and outside the office. That’s why we provide additional ways for you to support your wellness over the long term. Every quarter, there’s an opportunity to get reimbursed for wellness related expenses including fitness center subscriptions, massages, eyeglasses, yoga classes, etc.

“In my 14 years as an IT professional, I’ve never been with a company that puts so much importance on the well-being of their employees. STS showed me that it IS possible to be appreciated, supported, and treated with respect in your workplace. We have a seriously amazing team that lifts each other up; I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

- Ryan

Paid Time Off (PTO)
Balanced living is key to a sustainable and joyous work life. Everyone needs time off to rest, recharge and recuperate. That’s why we offer paid vacation, sick, and personal time off.

Training Opportunities
Learning new things isn’t just fun, it helps us stay on the cutting edge of technology so we can best serve our clients. That's why we offer a variety of continuing education options. In addition, we’ll work with you to achieve your certifications or advanced degrees.

Casual Work Environment
The days of formal office wear are over, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Though we work hard, our environment doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. We’re all about being comfortable while doing what we love. That’s why we embrace a hybrid work model for our team and encourage you to wear jeans and sneakers even though it’s not Friday.

Have Fun
We’re lucky in two big ways – we love what we do and we thoroughly enjoy working with our teammates. That being said, we still believe in making time for fun both in and outside the workplace. That’s why we organize regular events and outings where we all get to have fun together trying new things including virtual happy hours, team building events, and holiday parties.

“The Team, and the camaraderie all-around. The commitment to our core values has us all rowing in the same direction.”

- Brendan

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