Cybersecurity Maturity Program

Determine Your Firm’s Ability to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Cyberthreats

Are you prepared to defend your law firm and your clients against cyberthreats? We are.

Protect your firm’s present and future with this Cybersecurity Maturity program. Not sure where to start? Our Security Maturity Level Assessment (SMLA) is a fast, low risk way to get factual clarity on your current cybersecurity posture. Then, you can plan your next steps based on evidence and not assumptions.

Learn more about IT Assessments and Security Maturity Level Assessments.

Our comprehensive cybersecurity maturity program is a valuable investment for all law firms. The wide-ranging benefits include:

  • Protecting networks and data from threat actors
  • Rapid detection and investigation of suspicious activities
  • Preventing confidential data security breaches
  • Improving business continuity management
  • Faster remediation and recovery times in case of a breach
  • Avoid disrupting your productivity and losing billable hours
  • Controlling access to privileged and confidential information
  • Increasing your company culture of security awareness
  • Continually tracking and measuring your risk

Our Cybersecurity Maturity Program combines the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework with the Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) best practices.

Strategic Technology Solutions is proud to be an SOC 2 Type II Certified Managed Service Provider.

Learn more about our cybersecurity maturity program here.

Learn more about how we help law firms implement comprehensive cybersecurity maturity programs here.

Detecting, managing, and reducing cybersecurity risk requires ongoing assessment and action. We’ll guide you through a nuanced understanding of your risks based on factual findings. This will enable you to make informed security decisions on whether to take preventative action or assume the risk.


Cybersecurity Essentials for Law Firms

Use our expert guide to help you navigate the complex world of IT and cybersecurity and better protect your business and data.

"Strategic Technology Solutions (STS) understands and respects the importance of internal controls over Information Technology (IT). As the IT Managed Services partner for many of the high-profile law firms that we serve, they have consistently demonstrated that they deliver on their commitments. Their managed services offerings align with IT general control requirements from major Information Security frameworks like ISO, NIST, and CIS Controls. More than once, we have brought STS in to help our clients scale their IT without having to hire and manage a full-time IT department."

Eric C Rockwell - CEO | Inovo Infosec

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