Many IT providers and vendors state they are certified – but are they really?

Third-party vendor risk is real, and understanding the vendors you’re working with is crucial. If your law firm is investing in cybersecurity and mitigating risk to reduce the chances of exposure, you need to ensure the third-party vendors you’re working with are doing the same. If the IT vendor you hire doesn’t have strong IT security controls in place, your law firm could become an even more vulnerable target!

While many providers claim their use of a “secure or SOC 2” AWS or Azure-based environment makes them certified, too, that “secure” environment is actually based off AWS/Azure’s infrastructure – not the operating systems and tools that an MSP or vendor may utilize to conduct their own business operations.

STS and the MSP industry are not required to be cybersecurity certified.

We believe it's the right thing to do.


While there is no agency or organization that holds MSPs to any type of standard, we value the protection of our clients.

STS was one of the early innovators within the MSP industry by positioning the SMLA (Security Maturity Level Assessment) process, methodology and approach as part of their sales and on-boarding process. Very few (especially those focused on the legal vertical) are doing this!

How will STS protect your law firm data?

STS is one of very few MSP providers that hold an SSAE21 SOC 2 Type II Cybersecurity Certification.

This certification process is a grueling investment in time, resources, and money, but we believe it is critically important in proving our commitment to protecting our clients’ sensitive information.

A core focus and unique aspect of our business is the foundation of cybersecurity. We guide law firms through the journey of cybersecurity, and they get a sense of relief and confidence knowing we have already been through the process and investment of certification.

With specialized expertise gained through years of experience and attaining the highest level of certification, we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in safeguarding their interests. Our proficiency spans not only the realm of cybersecurity but also the legal industry, enabling us to provide focused and effective solutions to protect our clients’ assets.


Leading the Way: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions for Law Firms

While security is generally an afterthought within law firms, STS prioritizes it as the cornerstone of our foundation. Our cybersecurity approach begins by assessing our clients' existing cybersecurity maturity level, identifying areas of risk, establishing a baseline, and devising strategies for improvement. Our methodology is supported by tangible evidence, leveraging the widely recognized frameworks such as the Center for Internet Security (CIS) 18 and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). By following these frameworks, we ensure a comprehensive and effective cybersecurity plan for our clients in the legal industry.

Here are the key components to STS's cybersecurity approach:

  • Identify gaps in cybersecurity programs across people, processes, and technology
  • Determine your current security maturity level base and desired level for your firm
  • Compare and contrast your security maturity level with other firms facing similar challenges and risks
  • Recommend and prioritize opportunities to improve your cybersecurity maturity level while reducing overall risk

So why choose STS as your MSP partner?

With more than 20 years of experience, we have clear insight into the technology, system requirements, and specialized software needed to help your firm realize success like never before.

We are one of the first certified MSPs with expertise in the legal community.

At STS, we prioritize unparalleled network, infrastructure, and system robustness and security. We continuously monitor protocols, identify risks, and employ next-gen threat protection. Our commitment extends to SSAE21 SOC 2 Type II Cybersecurity Certification.

We are experts at safeguarding sensitive data and assets.

As an MSP offering end-user systems and IT infrastructure, our clients trust us with their intellectual property and valuable assets. We are some of your firm’s most relied upon advisors who have the advantage of access to your entire business—in essence, the keys to the kingdom.

"STS is fantastic to work with. I feel like they’re always looking out for our best interest, and they’re competitively priced in the marketplace. The last thing that’s been of enormous value is how proactive they are, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. They quickly address and neutralize threats without causing major disruptions to our workflow. It’s been an incredible partnership. I can’t recommend them enough.”


Ready to leverage technology to increase your productivity, protection and profitability?