Cybercriminals are coming for your law firm…are you ready?

The truth is that threat actors are probably already in your IT systems, quietly gathering intelligence on your greatest security vulnerabilities. Their preferred entry into your IT systems is through your firm’s inbox. In fact, according ...
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Are you prepared to defend your law firm against cyberthreats?

You’ve heard of cybersecurity, but have you heard of cybersecurity maturity? Probably not, because most Managed IT Services (MSPs) providers aren’t talking about it nor are they managing cybersecurity as the discipline it truly is. Cybersecurity ...
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Cybersecurity maturity: Can you trust your MSP (Managed Service Provider) to mitigate exploitable vulnerabilities in your business?

Zero-day threats are becoming increasingly commonplace in the cybersecurity industry. It’s no longer if malicious actors will strike, but rather when.   On December 9, 2021, Chen Zhaojun, a member of Alibaba’s Cloud Security team, found an ...
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Technology Budget Planning in 2022 is a MUST for all law firms, regardless of your size

Law firms benefit greatly from technology budget planning. Benefits of Budget Planning  Determine and assess your financial health – Are you meeting your business goals? Develop a strategic plan – Do you understand your IT needs, so that you are able to make the right ...
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