What to Include in a Technology Infrastructure Review

As we enter 2023, it’s the perfect time to plan for the future. Most businesses begin the year with the hope of growing and improving operations. Much of how a business operates depends on technology. So, ...
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Simple Setup Checklist for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a lot of things. It’s a video conferencing tool, a team messaging channel, and a tool for in-app co-authoring, just to name a few. During the pandemic, the popularity of Teams skyrocketed.  User ...
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Where Are Your Cybersecurity Skeletons Buried?

It’s Halloween Eve and you’re craving some soup. While you’re cooking tomato-basil soup, how do you know you’ve added enough pepper?  You taste it and adjust as needed.  When you work out, how do you measure ...
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Learn to budget your law firm's 2023 IT security

Is your law firm’s IT budget ready for 2023?  

In less than four short months, we’ll be celebrating 2023. There’s no better time like the present to get familiar with your law firm’s 2023 IT budget.   Why? 2023 spells one BIG thing for all law ...
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